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Here's the story...

I started cooking at the age of 15. One of my first real jobs was in New Orleans washing dishes at a very renowned historic restaurant, where my curious little eyes took in everything they could from the dish pit. My fire was stoked. I realized my passion. I "grew up" in commercial kitchens at a time when being a woman in a kitchen was unheard of (unless you were a pastry chef). I have worked in fast food joints, managed several kitchens, cheffed at illustrious stuffy country clubs and even ran a white water resort kitchen. I then worked on both a sail boat and as a "Tournant"  of sorts at the Winnetu Resort in Martha's Vineyard.

My studies in the Vineyard led to cleaning fish at a fish market back in Asheville, which was a career high point <insert sarcasm>. I branched out to become a chef/consultant helping to launch a handful of local Asheville restaurants. The lack of a healthy lifestyle due to working unbearable hours and never ending high stress levels led me to an epiphany. It was time to pour some love into my own sweet little thing. This LlaMMMa has been a labor of love built solely by "Framily" hands. Our goal is to outsource as many products as we can from our local network of growers, farmers, butchers and bakers so that our community families can also thrive. Taste the love y'all!

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